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June 1, 2022

  1. It is a central point for world trade and commerce. By setting up your business in Abu Dhabi, you will have access to the markets of Africa, Asia, Southern and Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. The Emirate has facilities to accommodate international trade, with the state-of-art infrastructure, due to which doing business will be an attractive endeavour.

  2. An investor will have to pay low taxes. If you set up a business in any of the Abu Dhabi free zones, you will get a range of tax benefits like no personal or corporate tax, no import/export duty, and so on. Free Zones in the UAE is the boon to the country due to the benefits that it offers to the start-ups.

  3. Abu Dhabi provides a vast array of technological solutions. Over the past decade, Abu Dhabi has made a name for itself as a place of excellence for telecommunications and IT. With the most modern facilities and infrastructure, the Emirate is the perfect place to advance your business operations.

  4. With UAE, it provides access to a diverse economy. The economy of the UAE has seen a great deal of divergence in the past few years. While the petroleum industry is still vital to the country’s economic success, the United Arab Emirates has seen continued growth in tourism, science and technology.

  5. Abu Dhabi is into a fast pace of development. It is not a secret for anybody that over the last few years the Abu Dhabi has become a major international centre of business activity. Interests of many large companies and holding companies are concentrated here. Moreover, Emirates began to take the foremost positions in the field of international tourism. The investment capitals, which flock to the Emirates from all over the world, are keen to the execution of many large-scale projects that contribute to the active growth of the economy in the nation.

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January 23, 2023

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